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Cirrus Eyewear for Kids

Who are we?

We are two moms (sisters, in fact!) with a family-owned eye clinic in Los Angeles where we have over 50+ years of experience seeing patients and selling children's prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses.  Our kid-focused company started when we were unable to find high quality kid’s eyewear and reputable children's eyewear brands on other websites.  Many sites don’t specialize in kid’s frames, and those that do, design their own frames or rebrand generic imported frames.  Many sites carry limited selections of similar ‘style’ eyewear – all produced using the same techniques and materials.  

At Cirrus Eyewear we are ‘okay’ to say that we do not make our own frames.  No need to reinvent the wheel.  We have long established relationships with our highly reputable vendors (like Ray-Ban, Miraflex, Sketchers, Nike, Lily Pulitzer, LaFont) and hand select specific frames for our kids.  We like to think of our collections as curated, tried and true.  We have a diverse and large selection of frames that keeps on growing based on feedback from parents and kids!  This strategy has proven to be very successful and we couldn’t be prouder parents of our growing team at Cirrus Eyewear.