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Splashing out in Rx Swim Goggles!

Cirrus Eyewear for Kids is proud to carry LEADER® JUNIOR SWIM GOGGLES. Swimming in chlorinated water can really irritate your eyes.  Salt water can also sting as well as contain debris floating around, which is best avoided at eye level.  Goggles can insure that your child can see clearly around them and avoid potential hazards, allowing them to better enjoy swimming.  Investing in a quality pair of swim goggles will make swimming a more comfortable and relaxing experience. Made by Hilco, these children's swim goggles are available for custom prescription. Designed to accommodate virtually any prescription-total power range: +20.00 D to -20.00D to -4.00 cyl. These children's swim goggles have hypo-allergenic silicone eyeseals and strap, adjustable nose bridge, unique, leak-proof lens bevel design.  Cirrus Eyewear for Kids loves these swim goggles because they are are both comfortable and affordable.